Sitemap - 2021 - Newspitality

Balenciaga's stiletto clogs keep Crocs riding the anti-fashion wave

🍅 La Tomatina: from street fights to your fries

🔓 Passwords on their way to extinction

🤖 AI created a social media influencer and it got $850k worth of deals in less than a year.

📧 If email is dead, why did Intuit buy Mailchimp for 12B$?

Simple and horrifying: turn anyone into a porn star with deepfake technology swapping faces

Football meets music, Visa meets crypto, and movies meet video games. All in less than 12 minutes.

Brands help Afghan refugees: Airbnb offers free accommodation, plus airlines, retailers, telcos

Ajax website crashes with Bob Marley inspiring third kit

Crypto: Visa buys a CryptoPunk, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is mining bitcoin

12 Minutes: launching the most talked about time loop interactive game thriller

*updated* Political marketing: locals bet on awareness and you don't want to miss it

Brands are making a mess(i) and cleaning it up!

💸 FC Barcelona loses €137 million in brand value: what a Mess(i)!

TikTok overtakes Facebook as world's most downloaded app

Victoria’s Secret, goes public at NYSE in late attempts to rebrand to "what women want"

🕺🏻Foo Fighters ambush their haters

Can robots replace Michelangelo? It’s new tech's turn to create and sculpt.

*updated* All the marketing moves for the Tokyo Olympics: brands carrying the torch

🚀 Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing brands can't do

🏦 Apple, your newest bank?

Space Tourism: a waste or just taking off?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue's 1st transgender cover model: black filipino Leyna Bloom

🏀 Space Jam: a (New) Legacy of marketing

🛒 77% of Americans want consumer brands to be responsible for the recycling process.

🏊🏼‍♀️ A billboard where you can really swim

Sustainable travel, hotels on rails, overnight trains

Bouncy news on branding, marketing and communication, anyone?

🔊 NFL and TED are now part of the game: what's the score on social audio?

EURO 2020: it's coming to Rome, with fair play, violence, racism, politics and branding

⚽💸 Nike & Konami vs. Neymar & Griezmann: why brands dropped their $upport

Pinterest bans weight-loss ads: body acceptance is in, BMI is out, body neutrality is rising

TikTok VS... LinkedIn?

The biotech revolution: "vegan spider silk" alternative to single-use plastics, plastic packaging into vanilla flavouring using heated bacteria, ocean plastic credit cards for green spending

Reality versus virtual insanity, who wins?

🏢 Why are BestBuy and Uber CEOs listening to the frontlines? Can authenticity win you customers and a lame try make you a meme?

TikTok say's "Don't Make Ads"

FINRA hit Robinhood with a $70 million fine

🍺 Anheuser-Busch’s “biggest beer giveaway in history” to promote Covid-19 vaccination

With Helvetica for Switzerland on EURO2020, Puma mixed football, design and heritage

Digital travel certificates, biometrics, the passwordless world, identity as a service (IDaaS). Privacy much?

More players on telehealth and retail healthcare

👄🤳 Norway fights enlarged lips, narrowed waists, and exaggerated muscles on Instagram

💸 Has Venmo decided it is better to give cash away than to spend it on social media ads?

🕵️ Linkedin: 700 million users (92%) concerned by a new stack of emails, phone numbers, and other sensitive data being sold on the dark web.

Newspitality's Weekly Juice

🌇 Bicycles, parklets, and data are redesigning cities, and cars have little or no space in them.

🚐 Lidl drives through the pandemic in an RV

John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison After Extradition Order

Reuse. Refill. Rethink. Restore. Reduce.

Apple launches Today to provide opportunities to young creatives

🤳 Instagram and Twitter launch major new features to capture the creator economy.

🧠 A paid week off to come back stronger. How Bumble and Linkedin are leading the way in employer branding.

Andreessen & Horowitz goes all-in on crypto with a new $2.2B fund

Your freshly squeezed news to get this week rolling

🎙️ A tech podcaster and University dropout raises 140m$ from MIT (and others)

Victoria’s Secret ditches Angels for powerful activists

🩳 Patagonia is the #1 brand for American consumers. Is being purpose-driven the winning strategy?

🎬 HBOMax sends the wrong email to subscribers, what's the problem?

Lupin's Omar Sy photobombs Euro 2020 players

💧 Boiling CR7 vs. Ice Cold Coke

YouTube bans masthead ads for politics, alcohol and gambling

Tasty news on branding, marketing and communication, anyone?

Instagram & Facebook announce affiliated posts and a new creator program.

The new Netflix shopping experience: curated products and rich storytelling

🏳️‍🌈 Pride Flag, a work in Progress

Why are Tesla, Amazon, Starbucks paying big $$$ to name stadiums and high-profile venues?

What do some of the biggest websites in the world have in common? Were down this week 🚨

🩸 “No Apologies. Period.” Stop the stigma surrounding period symptoms

Hello Brand Reputation, please meet Crisis Management

⚽ EURO 2020: the ambush marketing kick-off

Brand's cultural appropriation versus appreciation

Hermès has revealed Birkin bags made of real vegetables

Without dyes or preservatives here is this week's juice

It's you in a heartbeat: the rhythm of your ❤ as your password

Ban on Single-Use Plastics comes into effect. What now brands?

Matchpoint for Mental Health?

Pasta that ships 2D and boils 3D, reducing carbon emissions

The resurrection of supersonic travel and the quest for net-zero carbon emissions

💭 Zippy launches imaginary collection to help build child mental health clinic

After Apple, Google joins the Ad-Wars

Nestlé admits: 60% of what we do is unhealthy

Your freshly squeezed juice

How you doin'? Friends: The Reunion and memes

As good as old is as good as new

New campaign: Pepsi goes better with burgers than Coca-Cola

The future of work: from face time to Facetime

CNN Portugal is coming to town

A sculpture that doesn’t exist was sold in an auction for 15,000 euros

iOS 14.5, only 4 percent of iOS users in the U.S. let apps track them

With the blurring of travelling and living, Cornwall is overtaking London in popularity.

Continente Labs: the first European brand to open a store without checkout boxes

Whoopsies, we did it again.

From tech niche to global Marketplace

Brands are managed by humans #SomosTodosMariana

Upfronts and NewFronts

Sustainable travel is getting overnight travel back on track

👀 We did the squeezing. You get the juice.

Twitter premium?

"The great resignation is coming" as workers go back to the office

Ajax melts down league trophy to give a piece of history to all 42,000 season ticket holders

Fun comes full circle with a green makeover

Foodie website moo-ves away from beef

A new way to receive and show support on Twitter: with money and a privacy fiasco

Luxury is coming to a screen near you

🧥 Farfetch in 2021 TIME100 Most Influential Companies

🚦 World's first traffic light for the colorblind set up in Portugal

The best way to understand NFTs

Literally, taking publicity to a new level

📚 World Book Day: lose yourself in one.

Every day should be Earth Day for brands

💰 Crypto and central banks digital currency

Facebook unveils upcoming audio products

European Super League: a communication battle

Starbucks launches 'Borrow A Cup' trial for Earth Month

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

There's a gnome shortage. Yes, for real.

🎨 How well does my Video Conference background rate?

🎮 Move over Downing Street. The iconic No.10 🚪 is now online. A rare WOW website discovery.

Siri says next Apple event is April 20th

A fresh spin on reality show dating inspired by a match: Pepsi + mango.

🔥 Daters are hotter for Climate Change Advocates than ever before

TV shows: does creativity pay off?

World's first wooden satellite

🔊 Brands are dialing up the volume

GDPR in Portugal

Beer brands bet on Covid Vaccine Promo trend

Twitter outplays Facebook, again.

Thinking inside the box, he mailed himself from Australia to Wales

Underwater photography ad puts pollution into perspective

Fake beauty site for victims of domestic violence to safely “shop” while receiving covert help.

LinkedIn is adding ‘stay-at-home mom’ titles and gender pronouns

Promoting a sandwich with the maritime trade blockage on Suez fuels #BoycottBurgerKing

Reuse. Repurpose. Reinvent.

Don't advertise. Offer Trust.

🎮 How a notification can be your next game 🕹️

Facebook data breach

[Trending in 🇵🇹]

After Facebook and LinkedIn, Clubhouse suffers data leak of 1.3 million users. Or does it?

27 Club: masters of communication that died at age 27.

Clubhouse continues creator-first strategy and discusses funding at about $4 Billion value

Portugal is attractive not only for tourism, but also for hiring talent and doing business

Spaces ⚔️ ClubHouse

They see color: brands explaining racial difference to children

Future of Work: blurring boundaries, hybrid and flexible

Esports star pioneering a new venture for streamers: NFTs

We can attribute 0,5% of our income tax to an entity of our choice. But only a few of us do it.

IG filter increases lost animal's adoption

Step: a bank for teenagers?

We do the squeezing. You get the juice.