New campaign: Pepsi goes better with burgers than Coca-Cola

Brand logo "found" on top three burger chains' packaging

🍔 Pepsi's latest marketing campaign came on USA’s National Hamburger Day and plays off of mascots and packaging from the three biggest burger chains Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King. It claims that it tastes better with these burgers than its rival.

🥤 But the brand isn’t available at USA's most popular fast-food chains where Coca-Cola has exclusivity. According to a blind taste test last summer, around 60% of participants preferred a Big Mac, Whopper, and Dave’s Single with Pepsi over Coke.

🛍️ The campaign also counted with food wrapper artwork where an origami artist folded the brand logo into wrappers from the three food chains: “while we’re not on the menu, we’re always in the picture”.

⚔️ The Cola wars started in the 1880s, but it was only in the 1970s that the competition escalated. Check out why this made Pepsi and Coke “the world’s best marketers”, or what neuroscience has to do with it.

🥭 And will Pepsi Mango help in this battle? 🏖️ While you think about it, just sit back, relax, and have a drink… with a burger!

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