Whoopsies, we did it again.

We squeezed and you get the juice: #SomosTodosMariana, Worten, Sustainable Travel, Upfronts & NewFronts.

From Portugal,

📩 Brands are managed by humans #SomosTodosMariana. A mistake, but not a fail: win some, viral some.

📺 From tech niche to global Marketplace. Worten launches 7,5M€ campaign with new brand positioning.

We travel…

🚂 Sustainable travel is getting overnight travel back on track: There’s a push for slower, greener trips due to the major shift in awareness of the environmental effects of how we travel.

…to the USA

👨‍💻 Upfronts and NewFronts. Broadcast and cable upfronts generated about $20 billion in ad dollars, in typical years.

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