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Politics, Football, homeschooling platforms and summer body

  1. Jorge Coelho

With the sharpest increase this week, research related to the late politician Jorge Coelho, who passed away this week from a heart attack.

  1. Champions League

In the week of the first round of the Champions League quarter-finals. There has been a very sharp increase in research related to the teams and players in the competition.

  1. Homeschooling Platforms

Despite the gradual lack of definition, the search for distance learning platforms (such as "Escola Virtual" and "Google Classroom") continues to represent a high volume of research.

  1. Primeira Liga

In a week marked by 11 games in the "primeira liga", the Portuguese continue to show how culturally important football is, reflected in the weekly searches.

  1. Physical Exercise

With the lack of clarity in sight, and the good weather making itself felt, the Portuguese return to the "normality" of their concern with the "summer body", revealing an increase in research related to physical exercise.

  1. IEFP

The increase in unemployment and the need for financial support by a large number of the population, is also reflected in the volume of weekly surveys, with an increase in surveys related to the Institute of Employment and Professional Training.

  1. AstraZeneca

The doubts related to the AstraZeneca vaccine were also reflected in the weekly surveys of the Portuguese, with an increase of 120% in the related surveys.