Reality versus virtual insanity, who wins?

CEOs go to the frontlines. Brands expand to Medtech. Ultimately, revenue is king, cash marketing is here and giveaways work. But what about privacy, does it matter? What a juicy week!

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Advertising on Social Media is changing

📱 TikTok says's "Don't Make Ads."

💸 Has Venmo decided it is better to give cash away than to spend it on social media ads?

CEOs are flying the flag for authenticity, literally

🏢 Why are BestBuy and Uber CEOs listening to the frontlines? Can authenticity win you customers and a lame try make you a meme?

But so are brands and Governments

🇨🇭 With Helvetica for Switzerland on EURO2020, Puma mixed football, design, and heritage

🇳🇴 Norway fights enlarged lips, narrowed waists, and exaggerated muscles on Instagram

Revenue is King and expandable

🏥 More players on telehealth and retail healthcare

🏹 FINRA hit Robinhood with a $70 million fine

If Revenue is King, Data is the Queen

🍺 Anheuser-Busch’s “biggest beer giveaway in history” to promote Covid-19 vaccination

🗺 Digital travel certificates, biometrics, the passwordless world, identity as a service (IDaaS). Privacy much?

So please keep it safe because meta breeches are here.

🕵️‍♀️ Linkedin: 700 million users (92%) concerned by a new stack of emails, phone numbers, and other sensitive data being sold on the dark web

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