👄🤳 Norway fights enlarged lips, narrowed waists, and exaggerated muscles on Instagram

New law forces Influencers to label retouched photos on social media

💄 The Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs passed a law where advertisements, where a body’s shape, size, or skin has been retouched, will need a standardised label to signal manipulations or filters. Several Norwegian influencers are very positive about the regulation and the fight against unrealistic beauty standards.

⚠️ There’s been a public debate in Norway surrounding body pressure” (“kroppspress”) and beauty standards, that were found to be pervasive and a contributing factor to low self-esteem in young people.

💰 The law also covers images from influencers and celebrities that imply “any payment or other benefit” on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter, as it happens in Portugal, where the rules are clear, or in the UK, where, under a threat of potential jail time, a group of British online influencers including Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora and Zoella have agreed to change how they post online.

Instagram’s annual list of celebrities who charge the most for a sponsored post is topped by Cristiano Ronaldo, the most-followed person on Instagram with 300 million fans, who earns $1.6m to endorse a product on social media!

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