🛒 77% of Americans want consumer brands to be responsible for the recycling process.

In a recent poll by AdWeek, 77% of consumers agreed that CPG brands should be responsible for the recycling process of the products they manufacture.

Don’t know what to do with the packaging?
You are not alone.

According to governmental data in the USA, only 8.7% of plastic gets recycled. In Europe, the numbers are higher yet only reaching 40%. When finding the causes for the lack of plastic recycling, most studies point to consumers being confused about what to do with the packaging.

So, who’s to blame? 77% said the brands

According to AdWeek’s data1, when asked to list the main responsible for recycling, 77% of Americans consider the brands’ responsibility to ensure products’ lifecycle is circular.

Not far off came the distributors (those who sell the products) with 76%, while 72% agreed that consumers should be responsible for the products next stage once they buy them.

Other answers were Government (68%), and a staggering 66% said schools, while 48% chose law enforcement.

Despite the variety of answers, 62% agreed companies should be doing more, and almost 60% agreed companies do not do enough to ensure packaging is recyclable and should be penalized.


Solutions, solutions, solutions

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