Every day should be Earth Day for brands

And there's a plan to make marketing part of the solution. Just don't greenwash it, please.

🌎 Pledging for Earth Day every day, Earth Day Network wrote about what the pandemic has taught us about climate change.

✍️ Some of the world’s largest brands including Unilever, Reckitt, Diageo and Mastercard have signed up “Planet Pledge” to commit to championing a shift to a zero-carbon economy internally and externally, as well as using their own advertising to drive greener consumer behaviour.

🍺 Fat Tire is releasing “Torched Earth Ale,” a beer With Post-Climate Apocalypse ingredients: smoke-tainted water, dandelions, and drought-resistant grains.

🛁 Procter & Gamble released a campaign showing a young girl helping her parents make more sustainable choices.

👟 ASICS created the new Earth Day Pack, using a circular manufacturing approach that saw around 5 tons of textile waste, the equivalent of 25,000 t-shirts, recycled into new shoes: “Big Step, Small Footprint”.

🍏 Apple TV+ will debut “The Year Earth Changed,” narrated by David Attenborough.

👟 Reebok has launched a new range of plant-based running shoes made from eucalyptus, bloom algae and natural rubber.

🍾 Ruinart and its Second Skin case, an innovative packaging crafted entirely of paper sourced from eco-friendly forests.

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