As good as old is as good as new

How Nike and Adidas are following the footsteps of Patagonia to make fast fashion a thing of the past, and circular fashion a thing of the future. The new old is here to stay.

Buy less demand more. Move to zero. Rent your gear, explore the outdoor.

Would you ever think these are mottos of apparel brands? Well, they are. Patagonia, Nike, and Adidas, to be exact.

These frontrunners of the apparel world have tapped into the used market and rental space with campaigns that focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling.

While Patagonia is known for being a leading brand in sustainable consumption, Nike and Adidas are also joining a future away from fast fashion.

The groundbreaker campaign for worn wear by Patagonia goes back to 2017.

The new rental campaign by Adidas lets you rent the gear you need to perform better in outdoor activities. The clever move wants people to use outdoor gear instead of buying it and keeping it in the closet for years. So is this the best tryout experience you can have?

Meanwhile, Nike Refurbished will please all sneaker fans worldwide who want to find that vintage model or return that gift that did not really please you.

For these apparel trendsetters: as good as old is as good as new.

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