EURO 2020: it's coming to Rome, with fair play, violence, racism, politics and branding

⚽️ Surprise, surprise, the European Commission was seen cheering for Italy

⚽️ The National Centre for Domestic Violence alerts that instances of domestic abuse increase 26% when England play and 38% if they lose

⚽️ And like most international tournaments, there's a conversation to be had about nationalism, whether it's teams butting heads, or the ethnic and racial makeup of those teams

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⚽️ Brands thought words were very unnecessary

⚽️ Nike, England’s shirt sponsor, on national papers about the togetherness of the squad

⚽️ Is buying up advertising the closest China can get to football glory? Despite the nation's enthusiasm, HiSense, TikTok, Vivo and Alipay billboards, China's own national football team ranks 75th, and it last competed in the FIFA World Cup nearly 20 years ago, in 2002.

⚽️ National symbols for both nations made an appearance on social media

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⚽️ The video created for the FIFA World Cup 2018 by the London-based motion graphics and animation studio Potion Pictures had a comeback.

⚽️ And flying footy fan has scrawled ‘it’s coming home’ in the sky as an elaborate show of support for England

And earlier on,

⚽️ Lupin's Omar Sy photobombed Euro 2020 players, in a clever ambush marketing from Netflix to promote the series.

⚽️ With Helvetica for Switzerland on EURO2020, Puma mixed football, design and heritage, as the swiss away jersey was filled with meaning and tradition.

⚽️ EURO 2020: the ambush marketing kick-off, where non-sponsor brands tried to link to the event, while UEFA tries to defend its €2,5bn revenue.


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