🎬 HBOMax sends the wrong email to subscribers, what's the problem?

How HBO's "Integration test email #1" mistakenly sent email fast became proof that humans are part of technology and it can be beneficial.

All brands are human and therefore make mistakes. Forget to tick or untick something, and then the automation comes in and… Ooops, it’s sent.

HBOMax’s email team has mistakenly sent an email to their subscribers with the subject "Integration test email #1".

When subscribers noticed the strange email subject in their inbox, they quickly recognized that someone had mistakenly sent it. Did subscribers react with rage?

No, there was an outpour of love and humor taking over Twitter, recognizing that brands are human and mistakes happen.

In an episode very similar to a recent mistake at a major retail chain in Portugal, 2021 is fast becoming the year where we accept that the mix between automation and humanity can produce errors, and that is ok.

Warner Media’s CEO had something to joke about.

When almost 300 billion emails are sent per day, and 75% of marketers use automation tools, we have collectively agreed that sending the wrong email is not a problem. It happens.

Some technology leaders and influencers also joined the fun.

Humans manage automation tools, and we all make mistakes.


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