The new Netflix shopping experience: curated products and rich storytelling

And other brands on the trend of connecting content with e-commerce

The new online shop for branded merchandise, apparel, action figures, and decorative items based on its original shows and brands builds on the gains in brand value, as consumers spent more time with digital video during the pandemic.

For the launch, a collection of anime-inspired collectibles from a group of up-and-coming designers: Nathalie Nguyen, Kristopher Kites and Jordan Bentley. 

Connecting content with e-commerce is a growing trend, as brands attempt to shrink the sales funnel across a variety of digital platforms, with shoppable livestreams replacing closed brick-and-mortar stores:

💰 Youtube: a feature called "brand extensions" to tag items within video clips

💰 TikTok: 'Promo Tiles', to add customizable sales overlaid on video clips, and 'Showcase Tiles' to enable creators to directly promote products in their uploads.

💰 Amazon: "Origins" series profiles a chef who shows how to cook a dish from their culture and traditions, featuring Amazon Fresh shopability

💰 Walmart: Boosts shoppable videos with Tastemade cooking shows


🌎 Another brand goes from tech niche to global marketplace