From tech niche to global Marketplace

Worten launches 7,5M€ campaign with new brand positioning

📺 Portuguese Worten launched a new campaign, repositioning its brand: from a tech store and e-commerce website to a marketplace where you buy strollers for your kids.

💰 Why are Marketplace and e-commerce different? Marketplace potential is huge when you look at Amazon (350 $Bil) and Alibaba (42 $Bid) 2020 revenues. However, with pros and cons, one of the greatest downsides is the limited control over the goods and services quality, so consumer safety it’s a priority.

💻 Worten is owned by SONAE, which already has another online Marketplace brand, Dott, that, in 2019, wanted to be the Top of Mind brand in Portugal for online shopping.

❓Being Worten a strong and stabilized brand, will the business potential pay off the risk of having your reputation in third parties’ hands?