Foodie website moo-ves away from beef

Cattle represents 65% of the livestock sector’s greenhouse gas emissions

🥩 The popular cooking website Epicurious will not publish new beef recipes over concerns about climate change. “We think of this decision as not anti-beef but rather pro-planet”.

🐄 Epicurious states that almost 15 % of greenhouse gas emissions globally come from livestock, using 83% of farmland but only deliver 18% of calories consumed.

👨‍🍳⚔️ The announcement prompted an outcry from chefs and readers, like the New York chef and restaurateur Angie Mar, who called it "short-sighted" and "idiotic". Commenters said they were "un-following" the platform, with others asking Epicurious to consider a more "moderate" approach.

🌏 🍽️ While a purely editorial decision may not immediately convert readers, Epicurious is hoping to amplify this conversation about sustainability when talking about food.

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