*updated* All the marketing moves for the Tokyo Olympics: brands carrying the torch

Olympics special edition: ads, sponsors and ambush marketing

If the 11,000 competitors from more than 200 countries

entice the TV audiences with stellar performances, empty stadiums may be forgiven and forgotten.

However, recovering this brand equity may take decades

If things don’t turn out at their best, the International Olympic Committee may be remembered for putting money first, and athletes and safety second.

NBCUniversal paid more than $1 billion and the decrease in viewership is at 42%

They ran 7,000 hours of games coverage across two broadcast networks, six cable channels and the streaming platform Peacock.


At 7, Rayssa Leal went viral for skateboarding in a fairy princess dress. At 13, she won an olympic medal. A lawyer registred the “fadinha” brand for her.

100-year-old Olympian Ágnes Keleti will get you inspired

What are athletes from 205 nations shipping to the Games?

(spoiler: slushie machines, 45.000 tea bags and 8.000 porridge pots)


Sponsors pay the IOC for a four-year package, called a quadrennium, costing as much as $300 million, which gives them marketing rights to one summer and one winter Olympics.

How much will a lack of tourists cost Japan?


🇵🇹 Portugal is said to be “too ready”

🇧🇷 Brazil’s Havaianas to represent the nation more than soccer and samba


The goal: to salvage 100% of the metals required to make the approximately 5,000 Olympic medals from unwanted electronic devices.

Mr. Robot

MaaS (mobility as a service): Toyota has been deploying its e-Palette electric autonomous vehicles to shuttle athletes and officials

Omega returns for the 29th time, and is responsible for all the timing, scoring and a new technology called “pose detection”, that registers movement and technique, synchronicity and how accurately an athlete hits the marked area.


Super Bock beer choses a favourite sport

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Insurance company Tranquilidade takes the gold on protection

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While Control suggests condoms for the opening ceremony.

And Delta Q coffee machine recreates the Olympic symbol

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Samsung, a Worldwide Olympic Partner, brings fans and athletes together, using its phones to stay connected to the Games.

The National Lottery reminds UK how to support Olympic athletes

P & G’s campaign highlights good deeds by athletes and their parents

Usain Bolt is pointing you towards the bars to enjoy an #ULTRABeerRun

Facebook with “We change the game when we find each other.”

Not an official sponsor, Microsoft is working with NBC on Teams integrations to connect Olympic athletes with friends and family.

Nike, also not a sponsor, imagines the best day ever, where a woman runs a marathon on Mars, Sport is declared a human right, and society respects athletes’ mental health. 

BBC brings viewers to a wholly Japanese land buzzing

Channel 4 reminds us that you must be Super Human to be a Paralympian.

Vitalis water registers your words and wishes to the Portuguese Paralympic athletes, and makes sure they get them. Because they’re thirsty for winning.

Etsy celebrates individuals who follow their dreams: “Our creative makes parallels to athletes and makers.”

Top of the tops and blast from the past - Thank You, Mom

Eli Lilly does a reality check on the state of the U.S. health system


Social distancing by the Spanish designer Javier Jaén