*updated* Political marketing: locals bet on awareness and you don't want to miss it

Portuguese parties are set to spend 35€M this summer

Portugal is going to elections on September 26th for 308 municipalities and 3.092 civil parishes, which means remembering the rich geographic naming all around the country, and thousands of local candidates, some of them with memorable campaigns:

United or not so much

Same same but different

Build the future together… in a cemetery

or in other strange sounding places

As long as you don’t forget the keys to the house

Some will part ways

Some will go the extra mile 🕷

Reason to believe: being “Lara’s husband”


Or unique graphic design skills

Some are ready for everything, mission impossible style

Some are willing to turn it around

And flaunt it

And flaunt it proudly

Obama style much?

Does size matter?