Sustainable travel is getting overnight travel back on track

Sleeper trains and ferry boats are having a comeback

There’s a push for slower, greener trips due to the major shift in awareness of the environmental effects of how we travel:

🚂 European Sleeper wants to offer overnight sleeper trains for the business traveller looking to slash carbon emissions.

🚂 The state railways of Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland, are investing a combined $605 million into a project that will link 13 cities.

🚂 Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn unveil joint product initiative: train-to-flight services, with extra-fast high speed trains connections to Frankfurt Airport from Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Münster and Munich.

🚢 The British shipping company Brittany Ferries may launch an unprecedented ferry boat connection between the Portsmouth and Porto, lasting 30 hours, as the demand for air travel to Portugal soared 600%.

🌍 Byway specializes in flight-free travel and holidays and joins the dots in rail travel when complicated bookings in multiple countries are concerned.

🌎 ClimatePerks works with businesses to empower staff to choose low-carbon holiday travel.

✈️ Nasa leads push for electric planes in next frontier of cutting emissions

☄️ “More trains, less plains” protest in Portugal


🏖 There’s plenty of time to travel after you resign

📚 And maybe to finally read some books?