🎮 Move over Downing Street. The iconic No.10 🚪 is now online. A rare WOW website discovery.

How Yamauchi's No.10 Family Office website, notifications opening games and Branch are making us become gamers at work.

Most websites, notifications or apps are very similar. We can blame the no-code revolution or we can think about how we can innovate.

And that is what I want to highlight here. Check out how these three examples

Yamauchi’s No.10 Family Office

When you are the family office of the third president of Nintendo, your personal branding has to be on par, no?
Shipward ✅
Spaceships ✅
8-bit sound ✅
Wild Animals ✅
Gaming Music ✅
Water Fountains ✅
Unicorns crossing the road ✅
Divers and Yellow Submarines ✅

The list is endless and the statements pretty cool too. It may be a fad but it really gives us the feeling that websites can be surprising, daring and incredibly fun. If you just visit one new website this year make it this one. It will make you feel like that time you experienced Macromedia Flash back in the early 2000’s or or first download.


Zoom fatigue? Don’t know what more you can do to keep people entertained during calls? Don’t really want to put your camera on? There’s a solution for that!

Why not create a real virtual office?

That is exactly what the team behind Branch did. Why can’t you build your office virtually? The big advantage is that the engagement of the meeting happens just like a real office and it adds the fun element to it. Seriously, I can’t wait for updates on this and the possibility of one day recreating your actual offices.

Last week I wrote this piece on gaming notifications

It is maybe time to think how much can we make the work experience more fun and productive at the same time. As Seth Godin puts it:

"What people do quite naturally, is if it's work they try to figure out how to do less. If its art, we try to figure out how to do more... Someone who is making art doesn't say, can I do one less canvas this month?"

So here’s the bonus takeway: make art. It does not feel like work.