🩳 Patagonia is the #1 brand for American consumers. Is being purpose-driven the winning strategy?

In a recent Axios poll, Patagonia was voted the brand with the highest reputation among American consumers, and the top 100 is dominated by brands known for their political positions.

The company now leading the brand reputation index in the USA is a company that once dared to place labels on their clothing saying: “Vote the Assholes out.”

After campaigns such as “Don’t buy this jacket” or “Worn wear,” Patagonia, and the planet, are reaping the benefits of a long tail strategy based on sustainability and political positioning.

Today, some of the brand’s products are fast becoming icons outside the outdoor retail and jumping into the mainstream. Products such as Patagonia’s iconic baggy shorts are now a TikTok influencer product of choice.

In a list where the top 100 shows a heavily divided nation, political brands from both sides of the aisle perform pretty well. Be it Patagonia at number 1 or REI at number 11, conscious capitalism and allyship are fast becoming a winning strategy.

But so is being partisan, independent of which side you are supporting.

Moderna, Pfizer, Peloton, or DoorDash represent the companies that were up on the list since the pandemic started.


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