🎙️ A tech podcaster and University dropout raises 140m$ from MIT (and others)

Harry Stebbings, the creator of the famous 20 minute VC podcast and degree dropout got funding to invest in startups from MIT, RIT Capital, as well as Spotify, Calm, and Atlassian founders.

From his mum’s basement to the global ears of the tech community, Harry Stebbings is one of the most known voices in tech. His podcast 20 Minute VC has hosted some of the most influential people in the venture capital world and startup CEOs.

Who else can know more about startups than the person who interviews its leaders? That is what his investors thought.

While many media influencers or celebrities are trying to become investors, Harry is the first podcaster to achieve such numbers. After raising 8.3m$ earlier in the year, his 20VC fund has now raised 140m$ from MIT (curiously, Harry never finished his law degree), RIT Capital Partners, and founders from Spotify, Calm, and Atlassian. He is also an investor at Clubhouse and Hopin, among others.


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