TV shows: does creativity pay off?

This week, a new format that defies both network and audience by exploring the creative process of making a TV show from start to finish.

Portuguese comedian and actor Bruno Nogueira premiered his new TV Show “Princípio, Meio e Fim” (“Beginning, Middle and End”). With a new format that isn’t about a story, but about how it’s built and interpreted, it shows the whole crazy process of creating a TV show, beginning with a 2-hour script’s brainstorming, the production issues, and, at last, the final result with the actors giving life to all of the previous. Everything raw and assuming all mistakes.

Having in mind that most TV show’s formats are tested and imported, Bruno’s show has gathered both great reviews and not-so-good ones. The Business of Creativity is risky, especially if you’re on national television!

Five more episodes will come and help answer the question: do risk and creativity pay off?

Meanwhile, check for yourself each episode or just binge-watch in the end!