💸 FC Barcelona loses €137 million in brand value: what a Mess(i)!

Lionel Messi's PSG shirt sold out in 30 minutes

💰 Brand Finance estimates that Lionel Messi’s departure could decrease FC Barcelona’s brand value by 11%: the club could see a €137m decline to its 2021 brand valuation of €1,266m.

The brand value takes into account the proportion of revenues that comes directly from the brand. In Barcelona, Messi attracted more fans, better players, managers, commercial deals, and win trophies. Without its superstar, Barcelona could expect lower future sponsorship income (-€77m), merchandise sales (-€43m), and matchday revenue (-€17m).

🚀 On the opposite side is Paris Saint-Germain, which wins new powerful revenue streams such as merchandise, ticketing, and partnerships, without have to pay a transfer fee. This aligns perfectly with PSG’s strategy of having megastars whose global status take take the club to another level, like Real Madrid’s “galacticos”.

⌛ A hint of what is yet to come is Lionel Messi's PSG shirt being sold out online only 30 minutes after his signing! Check here why Messi is wearing number 30 instead of 10 at PSG.

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