John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison After Extradition Order

The antivirus pioneer and alleged cryptocurrency scammer was 75 years old.

On the day that a Spanish court’s ruling in favor of his extradition was made public, John McAfee died in a prison cell outside Barcelona. The antivirus pioneer turned fugitive was 75 years old.

Security guards at the Brians 2 penitentiary found McAfee dead in his cell on Wednesday; in a statement provided to the Associated Press, the Catalan government indicated that McAfee died by suicide.

McAfee’s lawyer, Nishay K. Sanan, said in a statement

“Confirmation has come from our legal team in Spain that John was found dead in his jail cell. I am saddened to hear of the events, and my prayers go out to his wife, Janice”

“He tried to love this country, but the US Government made his existence impossible. They tried to erase him but they failed.”