How you doin'? Friends: The Reunion and memes

Matt le Blanc's infamous "How you doin'?" has been one of the most used memes for years. Now, Friends: The Reunion has given the internet an unlimited range.

If you ever owned a TV in the late nineties, you probably have seen an episode of Friends. If you ever traveled and put a TV on anywhere in the world, you have probably seen it too. The show became one of the most iconic shows on TV to date and has long transcended generations and platforms.

Some episodes and catchphrases became iconic, and some were forgotten. Now, the internet was ready to jump on the Friends: The Reunion episode and meme every single move. Yet, this time the cast has aged, and so did the memes. Here’s a selection of some of the most shared.

Joey goes from hunk to boomer.

Rachel becomes her dad

The Covid cameo

And as a bonus, here’s the IKEA Emirates campaign that has replicated the Friends flat with IKEA furniture.