CNN Portugal is coming to town

Licensing agreement to launch Portuguese CNN and replace TVI 24 news channel.

📺🇵🇹 Media Capital, the largest media group in Portugal and owner of the Portuguese TV broadcaster TVI, announced a licensing agreement to launch CNN Portugal and replace TVI24, the company’s news channel.

📈 This happens twelve years after TVI24’s launch and six months after its rebranding. After the announcement, Media Capital saw its shares rise 30%.

🇧🇷 CNN looked for some time to enter the Portuguese language market, one of the only ones still not covered by the many affiliates of the brand around the world. In March 2020, it was already launched CNN Brazil, with local strategic partners.

🤔 Will this rebranding deeply change Media Capital’s news channel? And how will it perform against CNN Brazil in the Portuguese language market? 📡 Stay tuned!

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