With the blurring of travelling and living, Cornwall is overtaking London in popularity.

Domestic travel is skyrocketing and modern bedouins are rising

Before the pandemic, travel and tourism represented more than 10% of the global economy, powered by 56x growth in international travel from 1950 to 2019. In 2020, International arrivals sank to their lowest level in more than 30 years.

✈️ We are shifting from travelling at all the same times to all the same old places, to many of us living anywhere, at any time, for however long, blurring travelling and living. Cities might go through a renaissance.

💻 Before, business travel was extended for bleisure. Now, people go to a destination for a month because they can work remote and play at the same time: it’s digital nomadism, workcations, flexcations.

🌲 The Great Outdoors trend way up: rural nights booked in the UK used to be a quarter of Airbnb bookings, they're now half. Airbnb plans for a new kind of travel post-COVID with flexible search.

🚲. Cornwall overtakes London as most searched location for UK movers, with the increased demand for countryside and coastal living, and more people making the dream of a detached home and garden a reality.


🚂 Sustainable travel is getting overnight travel back on track

📚 And maybe some books for the ride?