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We squeezed hard, so you get the juiciest juice: The evolution of retail in Europe, travel in a post-pandemic world, concerns about privacy, and all that Friends: The Reunion fun.

Has the world changed so quickly with COVID that we may be facing a BC/AC world? Every week we see a new trend emerging and, in one way or another, is related to the after COVID world. Is before COVID such a distant world we need Friends to remind us of the world before 2019? Let’s dive into this week’s ice breakers:

Insider Ice Breakers

🗺️ Why is Cornwall more popular than London? - A new trend is emerging in travel, and the great outdoors are winning.

👟 As good as old is as good as new - After Patagonia, Adidas and Nike are launching their own circular economy initiatives.

👀 iOS 14.5, only 4 percent of iOS users in the U.S. let apps track them - How the new update by Apple is a turn on the ad-revenue model.

🛒 Continente Labs: the first European store without checkouts - The Amazon Go model has crossed the Atlantic and landed in Portugal.

🥤 Pepsi goes better with burgers than Coca-Cola - How Pepsi’s new campaign uses visuals to find the logo on food wrappers.

🧑‍💻 The future of work: from face time to Facetime - The numbers don’t lie, and the hybrid model is the post-COVID winner.

📰 CNN Portugal is coming to town - The famous cable news network is launching in Portugal in partnership with a local player.

And a little bit of comedy for that soulless meeting 😇

🗿 A sculpture that doesn’t exist was sold in an auction for 15,000 euros - Is this a space full of energy or a black hole?

📺 How you doin'? Friends: The Reunion and memes - How could Friends make it in the age of memes?

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