🔊 Brands are dialing up the volume

IKEA, BMW, Huawei bet on audio activations & sonic branding for multisensory engagement

🛋 “A tour for your ears”: IKEA’s 3-hour-and-41-minute auditory experience catalog. Now there's no excuse for mispronouncing the names of the furniture!

IKEA will be discontinuing the print catalog, a 70-year-old publication that printed yearly 200 million copies in 32 languages in 50 markets, claimed to have more copies printed than either the Bible or the Quran.

🚙 Instead of traditional engine sounds, drivers of BMW's new electric iX car will experience an interactive soundscape by movie composer Hans Zimmer, which will respond to the driver's actions as well as the car's performance.

Sounds will be played through 24 speakers, some embedded into the driver's seat to create an even more immersive experience.

📱Huawei launched Sonic Escapes, a series of 360 binaural soundscapes that let your mind take that break without your body going anywhere. A rich, immersive journey through sound with over a 2.5 million downloads over the first week.

✈️ The Sound of Singapore Airlines: nature and art came together to create a visual symphony via an unique digital instrument that translated the visual world of the batik into 14 sets of melodic fragments.

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