Without dyes or preservatives here is this week's juice

News on branding, marketing and communication

We look at our health:

🍫 Nestlé admits: 60% of what we do is unhealthy - An internal document has surfaced and revealed that 60% of Nestlé's portfolio is unhealthy. The company has acknowledged it is true.

🧘🏻 Matchpoint for Mental Health? - When Roland Garros punished Naomi Osaka, brands were quick to show their support for the tennis player. While the Grand Slam scored a double foul, Calm, the wellbeing app, scored an ace!

👏🏻 Zippy launches imaginary collection to help build child mental health clinic - International Children's Day: did brands just reduce prices for youngsters or did they have more to say/do?

To our future:

🛫 The resurrection of supersonic travel and the quest for net-zero carbon emissions - Double the speed, half the time: from NY to London in 3.5 hours.

👨‍🍳 Pasta that ships 2D and boils 3D, reducing carbon emissions - Just add boiling water and thank the engineers for revolutionizing food production

♻️ Ban on Single-Use Plastics comes into effect. What now brands? - The "plastification" of our oceans and the “polluter pays” principle

Of course with a mandatory stop to follow the ad-war

💥 After Apple, Google joins the Ad-War - Android 12 makes interest-based advertising obsolete to set off an irreversible collapse in Facebook’s ad ecosystem

And all this always following our heart

🫀 It's you in a heartbeat: the rhythm of your ❤ as your password - Passwordless, location-based authentication, straight from the heart

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