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Time for deflated balls

EURO 2020: it's coming to Rome, with fair play, violence, racism, politics and branding

And inflated salaries

Nike & Konami vs. Neymar & Griezmann: why brands dropped their $upport. The 50 Most Marketed Brands received more than US$3 billion in combined sponsorship value via social media

Move the goalposts 

NFL and TED are now part of the game: what's the score on social audio? Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces announce new partnerships

And level the playing field 

Pinterest bans weight-loss ads: body acceptance is in, BMI is out, body neutrality is rising

Let’s play away from home 

The biotech revolution: "vegan spider silk" alternative to single-use plastics, plastic packaging into vanilla flavouring using heated bacteria, ocean plastic credit cards for green spending

Shown the red card?

TikTok VS... LinkedIn? You can now apply for a job through TikTok

Don’t forget to hydrate!

Last week’s juice is still fresh, without dyes or preservatives


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