There's a gnome shortage. Yes, for real.

Go big or go gnome, travelling the world as a lawn ornament.

Supplies now run short after a "massive upswing" in the sales of garden gnomes, as gardening has been very popular during lockdown.

Besides gardens, they’ve made appearances in ads, movies and political activism, like the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, a group of French pranksters claiming that gnomes deserved lives free of the expectation to be lawn decorations.

Following the gnome subplot in Amélie, Travelocity launched an ad campaign that featured a stolen gnome traveling the world, that became the official mascot (though now no longer being held against his will).

Production and shipping bottlenecks have cropped up around the world due to lockdown and the Suez canal blockage, with supply issues ranging from toilet paper to restaurants facing a shortage of ketchup packets, and a shortage of computer chips serious enough to spur President Biden to summon CEOs to the White House.


🗣 Now all they need is a voice.