Facebook unveils upcoming audio products

Like having a sound studio in your pocket and cloning Clubhouse

Zuckerberg believes Facebook Audio is more likely to benefit individual creators than big publishers, aligned with the shifting power of the creative economy, including:

🗣 An audio-only version of videoconferencing Rooms, its version of Clubhouse, where people listen and interact with speakers on a virtual stage, and tip creators with Facebook’s digital currency, Stars.

🗣“Soundbites” for creative, short-form audio to be posted on the News Feeds

🗣 "Project Boombox", a podcast discovery product to consume inside the app, connected with Spotify

“We want everyone to have tools that are powerful enough for the pros, but intuitive and fun, like having a sound studio in your pocket”.

👂 More on audio brands

👂 And a tour for your ears

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