Simple and horrifying: turn anyone into a porn star with deepfake technology swapping faces

Breaching an ethical line no other service has crossed before, all it requires is a picture and the push of a button.

It was reported by the MIT Technology Review, that has chosen not to name the service to avoid driving traffic to the site.

Four AI-generated faces allow you to test the service: turn anyone into a porn star by using deepfake technology to swap the person’s face into an adult video.

The site will open up a library of porn videos. A user can then select any video to generate a preview of the face-swapped result within seconds—and pay to download the full version.

As the technology has advanced, numerous easy-to-use no-codetools have also emerged. Many of these services have since been forced offline, but the code still exists in open-source repositories and has continued to resurface in new forms.

Nonconsensual deepfake porn can have devastating economic and career impacts.